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An award-winning, international fundraising business, Latch Fundraising, develops, guides and inspires charities and individual fundraisers to consistently achieve and exceed on their fundraising targets. Latch Fundraising works with teams using multi-layered, innovative and forward-thinking strategies.


Latch Fundraising’s key objective is for charities to develop and implement a long-term, multi-faceted partnership approach encompassing all income streams to maximise the potential of a charity’s donor pipeline. 


We are there for you and your organisation - every step of the way.

Client Testimonials

At Iglu we recently launched an initiative with the aim of putting some structure behind our charity efforts. Lynda joined our kick off meeting to offer her knowledge and insight into how we could get off on the right foot. Lynda's experience meant she was able to quickly assess our aims, give us perspective and directions and maximise the opportunity that was in front of us. It is rare to find someone who is able to take a pragmatic approach but brings passion and emotion to bring theory to life. We left the meeting with clear actions and a sense of purpose. I could not recommend her services enough! 

- Andrew Walker: Head of People and Culture, Iglu -


Lynda delivered an exceptional and engaging presentation at the Museum Fundraising Summit for MuseumNext in July 2023. Her talk, titled "Engaging Millennials in Museum Fundraising," was an insightful, informative and entertaining. Lynda brought a wealth of knowledge, built from her extensive experience in the field, and made compelling arguments on the importance of engaging NextGen donors in the world of museums.

Thank you Lynda for taking the time to share your insight with our community! 

- Jim Richardson: Founder, Museum Next  -

Musuem Next
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