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With over 18 years of experience in leading and managing international fundraising teams, Lynda offers skilled advice and expertise to organisations in order to help them improve their Partnerships and Philanthropy Department’s performance, increase income and add additional layers of value and impact.

Areas of consultancy can cover:

Lynda Harwood-Compton


  • Building or launching your Major Donor, Corporate or Prospect Research Strategy…or all three!

  • Ensuring every strategy is ambitious yet realistic and accounts for long-term growth
  • Determining the correct fundraising stewardship and cultivation for donors 

Philanthropy and Partnership Functionality

  • Successful set up of all Partnerships and Philanthropy fundraising functions


Fundraising Policies

  • Fundraising Policies inc:

    • Ethical Fundraising Policy

    • Modern Slavery Act

    • Gift Acceptance Policy

Prospect Research and Due Diligence

  • Prospect Research

  • Discovering the best prospects for your organisation and how to engage them

  • Ensure relevant due diligence is carried out on all prospects and current donors

Lynda Harwood-Compton

Lynda will work collaboratively with you as individuals and your organisation, as a whole, to support, advise and steer you to improve performance, meet specific objectives as well as solve your specific challenges.

Latch Fundraising’s promise is we’ll be there for you…every step of the way.

Client Testimonial

Whilst completing the Major Gifts Mastery Programme at Bright Spot, Lynda was assigned as my coach. It was amazing to be paired with someone who understood major donor fundraising in an animal welfare charity setting.


Lynda is full of creativity, experience, insight, and empathy - I'm indebted to Lynda for her continued support even after the programme finished and ideas shared on how to engage and wow donors.


Thank you, Lynda - you are pawsitively fantastic! 

- Jodie Thompson: Major Gifts Coordinator, Cats Protection League  -

Cats Protection
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