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Latch Fundraising offers bespoke training across all areas of Partnerships and Philanthropy Fundraising including topics such as – but not limited to:

Lynda Harwood-Compton

Major Donors

  • Impactful Stewardship

  • Processes and Procedures

  • NextGen as Young Philanthropists

Corporate Partnerships

  • Corporate Partnerships 101

  • How to Win Long-Term, Multi-Layered Partnerships

  • Setting Up Corporate Partnerships

Prospect Research

  • Introduction to Prospect Research

  • Identifying Prospects

  • Due Diligence

Overall P&P Fundraising

  • How to Create A Partnerships and Philanthropy Fundraising Strategy

  • How to Make the Ask

  • How to manage a truly successful Partnerships and Philanthropy Team

  • How to utilise the power of story-telling

Client Testimonial

Lynda delivered an excellent Major Donor Fundraising Masterclass to the national ABF The Soldiers’ Charity staff. This introductory session gave members of the wider fundraising team a valuable insight into the mechanics and essential skills of major donor fundraising, empowering every member of the charity to act as a major donor fundraiser in their day-to-day role.  Better still, Lynda has continued to support and guide the charity as we build our new Major Donor Programme, acting as an vital mentor for the team. 


Thank you, Lynda, for helping us to develop and grow our Major Donor fundraising strategy into a successful programme! 

- Camilla Start: Philanthropy Manager, ABF The Soldiers' Charity  -

ABF The Soldiers Charity
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